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Project Location Map

Project location map

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Operational: Verwood, Dorset 20MW; Park Farm, NW Leicestershire 14MW; Sawmills, Devon 6.5MW; Newnham, Devon 12MW; Bedborough, Dorset 5MW; Ashby, NW Leicestershire 5MW; Merston commercial 5MW; Merston community 5MW; Warren Farm, Hampshire 5MW; Hungerford Farm, Hampshire 5MW; Granville, Shropshire 5MW.

Consented not built (due to regulatory changes): Kenniford, Devon 3MW; Cutacre, Bolton 5MW; Parchfields, NW Leicestershire 1.5MW; Ashby community, NW Leicestershire 1MW.

The following sites which were under development have been withdrawn from further consideration following the changes to government policy implemented on July 22nd 2015: Ruby Farm, Devon 2MW; Shepherds Farm, Devon 2MW; Stapehill, Dorset 3MW; Woolsbridge/Mannington Heath, Dorset 5MW; Upper Kingston, Dorset 4MW; Bentley Farm, Hampshire 5MW; Hayhead, West Midlands 5MW; Wigmore, Hampshire 3MW; Little Woolden Moss, Lancashire 5MW; Kenmore, North Somerset 5MW.